Get those eyelash bases attached to give great retention!

Eyelash Training Mentoring Slough-Maidenhead
Are you struggling to get the base attached correctly to the base of the natural lash perfectly every time? Assess the client's natural and whether you decide to attach the eyelash extension from the top, side, or bottom to get those bases bonded properly to the bottom of the natural lash, you need to adapt your tweezer/hand angle when 'coming in' to place your extension. 'Coming in' at the wrong angle will mean that the base is not attached securely leading to poor retention. Always leave a distance of 0.5 - 1mm from the eyelid. As well as offering beginner courses in Classic and Russian Volume, we offer tailor-made mentoring sessions. Just some of the topics we can help with: • Client retention and adhesive/controlling your environment/how to adapt • Working with layers • Downward facing lashes • Eyelash Styling • Working efficiently and maximizing your lashing time

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