So What Eyelash Extension Diameters Are You Using On Your Client?

Different Eyelash Extension Chart

When it comes to deciding what eyelash extensions to apply it can get confusing, but always take into consideration your client's natural lashes when choosing the appropriate diameter. 

 The diameter refers to the width of the extension and here at Lash&Browpro, our eyelash diameters range from 0.5 - 0.18 enabling you to cater to all your clients' needs and looks.

For classic eyelash application, we recommend using 0.12s, 0.15s and, for your clients that have strong natural eyelashes 0.18s.  

But why not consider creating density and texture by blending in a mixture of diameters. For example, if using 0.18s as your 'frame' blend in shorter 9mm 0.15s throughout the lash line.

Have you tried stacking with our 0.10s?  Use a 0.10 eyelash extension as the main extension, then apply 0.7s either side of your main extension to create a 'V' effect resulting in a full and voluminous look.

Russian Volume looks can be created by using our 0.7 silk eyelash extensions and creating handmade fans which are then applied to each natural eyelash. Volume lashes are ideal for those clients with sparse lashes to create fuller looking lash lines safely and without stressing the natural eyelashes. We recommend using up to 4 0.7 individual silk eyelash extensions for everyday volume lashes.  For bolder looks why not try our 0.5 silk lashes and safely use up to 6 individual eyelash extensions to make super fluffy fans. 


  • With an eyelash extension that is larger in diameter than the natural lash, there is less of an attachment area between the extension and the natural lash causing poor retention and unhappy clients
  • Eyelash extensions that are too heavy will weigh down and stress the natural lash
  • Eyelash extensions that are too long will tangle and twist
  • Always choose your lash diameters by taking into consideration your client's natural eyelash health and length!




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