About The Lash & Brow Company

Why Choose The Lash & Brow Company?

At The Lash & Brow Company, our dedication lies in delivering top-tier lash lift and eyebrow treatments, tailored meticulously to each client. With a solid foundation since our establishment in 2011, we stand as experts within the realm of eyelash and eyebrow enhancement. Our commitment is to craft the perfect look for every client we serve.

Meet the Face Behind The Lash & Brow Company

Hi, I'm Fiaz, the proud owner of The Lash & Brow Company. My journey into the world of eyelash extensions began in 2011 when I embarked on my first training course. Fuelled by passion, I delved deeper into the artistry of eyelash extensions, honing my skills over time. Seeking to enrich my knowledge, I received guidance from the esteemed Olga Volkova, a global luminary in the eyelash extension and lash lift industry. Under her mentorship, I attained the status of a Master Lash Stylist proficient in eyelash lifts and extensions. Believing in the power of continuous education, I remain committed to staying abreast of the latest techniques through regular training sessions. Today, I take pride in not only serving my loyal clientele but also in passing on my expertise to aspiring students.