Henna Eyebrow Treatment


Are you lookingHenna Eyebrow Tint Treatment for a brow treatment to helping you on your way to restoring fuller looking brows? Our Henna Brow treatment is AMMONIA, LEAD and PEROXIDE Free.  Our Henna Brows are designed for each individual client’s face and to enhance your overall features. Henna not only tints the hair but it also ‘stains’ the skin and helps to visually fill any sparse/overplucked areas of the eyebrow.  











1. We will carry out a patch test and consultation to answer any questions you may have and to ensure you understand what will be required on your part in between appointments, so you achieve that fuller-looking brow.

2. Using our unique our eyebrow mapping technique, we will measure and create your personalized eyebrow template to frame your face and enhance your features.

3. Taking into consideration your natural colouring with any preference you may have we will mix a personalized henna colour to suit you and apply this our personally designed template to create beautifully groomed subtle or defined eyebrows.

4. Using threading/waxing, we will remove/blend unnecessary eyebrow hair.

5. Finally, if required we will apply finishing makeup to help you maintain your eyebrows in between maintenance appointments.

6  Aftercare advice Please note: Some clients may be able to achieve their desired Henna Brow at the first treatment, while others may be required to attend appointments at regular intervals. In between these appointments you will be asked not to tweeze or use any other brow hair removal procedure. This will enable the hair to grow and be removed at the same rate and therefore help in creating the perfect brow for you and in between appointments your eyebrows will look neater and tidier.

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