Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions - What are they?

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions - What are they?

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Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions what an amazing technique for those with sparse lashes or those who are looking for the ultimate in volume and fluffiness. 

Applied by isolating the natural eyelash and dependant on the natural lashes up to 6 superfine mink or silk eyelashes are applied to give the 'wow factor'!  And be assured that our “mink” lashes are, of course, 100% synthetic, but are much finer and softer than those used for classic styles. We use 2D/3D lashes – the D standing for dimension and the number indicates the number of lashes that are used to create a handmade fan applied to each lash.

This service takes around 2.5 - 3 hours depending on the look you want to achieve which we describe as follows:

  • Natural Look Russian Volume Set where we will apply 2/3 Dimension superfine handmade fans to create a lovely natural look. 
  • Glamorous Russian Volume Set for the ultimate in super fluffy lashes we will apply up to 6 superfine lashes in handmade fans. 

This method creates an intense, stunning effect without a 'heavy' look giving increased volume, but at the same time, it will not overload or damage your natural lashes.

My tips and tricks for the various looks achievable are:
  • Feel free to ask how many individual lashes will be used to create your bespoke fan
  • Lash Techs – use wide or narrow fans depending on your client’s natural lashes.  For example, wide fans are ideal for covering gaps in your clients’ natural lash line.
  • Remember density is created by keeping the extensions shorter.

As Russian volume lashes last longer than 1:1 classic eyelash techniques, being fine and feather-light, we advise our clients to follow these 3 important points:
  • Always follow the aftercare advice provided by your Lash Artist
  • Brush every day with your mascara wand we provide you with
  • Never ever wear mascara on eyelash extensions

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