Premade or Handmade Russian Volume Fans - What is best?

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Russian Volume - What, Why, How…

Russian Volume eyelash extensions are in demand - see Our Gallery 

From Natural to Ultra Russian Volume this is our method – to use hand-made Russian Fans although many of you may have your own individual preferences.

Premade vs. Handmade

The lash extensions are formed to create a fan by hand throughout the appointment. This is because the fan encases and wraps around the natural lash to ensure a seamless longer lasting bond.

Premade fans do not attach/wrap around the natural eyelash. They are already dipped in glue so when placed they are 'just sitting' on the natural lash and therefore not able to wrap around.  Also, using premade fans you will be dipping in glue twice and adding unnecessary weight/stress to the natural eyelash.

Client comfort

By applying extremely thin, lightweight lashes to each individual lash in this way does not overly put a strain on the natural eyelash.
The number of lightweight eyelash extensions used to create each fan is determined by the health and thickness of the client's own natural eyelash.  The dimension of the fans added determines the fullness and overall desired look. 
2d 3d fans create a natural, everyday look which is ideal for older clients or those who want to keep their eyelash extensions a secret!
Ideal for clients with a sparse lash line, Russian Volume fans can be 'fanned wider' to close gaps where the natural eyelashes do not grow resulting in a fuller lash line.
Russian eyelash extensions are lighter than the classic eyelash extension and result in longer retention and therefore shed with the natural eyelash cycle.

Most asked question - Will they last?

Yes - Russian Volume lashes have longer-lasting retention. This is due to them being lighter and not adding additional weight to the natural eyelash which causes premature shedding of the natural eyelash.  Russian Volume eyelash extensions generally last until the natural lash falls out in its natural cycle.  Please note that client aftercare must also be followed.

Our tip

Take and fan lashes from the strip with specially-designed volume tweezers and the minimum amount of glue as the excess glue will lead to 'wicking up’ the fan resulting in the fan closing.
Russian Volume is a specialized method - so our final tip to have patience when mastering this technique!



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    Laura: June 06, 2017

    Hey there, great article! Lately I’ve been seeing premade fans being sold that are glue free. When you pick them off the palette the base separates, but are already in a nice fan shape. Would you still consider premade glue free fans to bad retention/ harder on the lashes? The brand that I have been seeing making these glue free premade fans is called Fluffy Lashes i believe.

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