Problems with your eyelash glue?

 This month’s LashQ started with a question about glues…

"Glue isn't sticking to the lashes well and a few of my clients are coming back after a week to have more put in. Their lashes are healthy and it looks like the glue hasn't stuck. Can you help please?"

There are several things to consider. Firstly, low/high humidity and room temperature which affects the performance of the glue and secondly the way it is stored. Moisture has probably contaminated it!

When working with Optimum Eyelash Adhesive we recommend working within a humidity range of 45-58% with your room temperature between 21-23c. The higher the moisture/humidity, the quicker the cure and, the reverse being lower humidity/moisture, the slower the cure.

Make sure you adapt your 'glue pick up' to your humidity/room temperature.

Has the Eyelash Adhesive gone gloopy? This is usually a sign of moisture contaminating the adhesive and a number of things can cause this:

  • Did you leave the bottle in direct sunlight? This can cause the bottle to heat up and cause condensation within the bottle and therefore contaminates your adhesive.
  • Are you storing the adhesive in the original foil pack with the silica gel sachet? Silica gel absorbs and holds water vapor.
  • Don't have the original packaging? Fear not, grab yourself some uncooked rice and an airtight jar and store your adhesive in that. Rice absorbs moisture.


Optimum Eyelash Adhesive is low in viscosity, quick-drying and also allows enough time for you to adjust the placement of your eyelash extension. Our Optimum glue will enable you to work quickly whilst still giving a strong bond. Lash&Browpro considers, from our tests, that this second generation glue outperforms other glues on the market in bonding and curing time.

“Thank you for your advice and the Optimum glue. The glue is lovely and I'm keeping it in an airtight jar with rice.  When applying the glue, I am holding it on the lash for an extra few seconds. This method has worked well, with no lashes falling out when brushing. Thank you so much, I wish I'd trained with you ...."

If you are qualified in lash extensions treatments but want to take it further, Fi, our Master Lash Artist provides an Advanced Training Course.

By gaining knowledge about advanced lash techniques and awareness of the pros and cons of the various products that are available in the marketplace you will stand out from your competition. You will be offering your clients a special, bespoke treatment time after time.

The art of semi-permanent is an ongoing process and Fi has designed this module for those who are committed and have the drive to succeed in this lucrative business. The course is 1 to 1 enabling you to receive personal tuition and tutoring is held at our premises.

The course includes correctional application, understanding eye shapes, advanced eyelash texturing.


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