Do Eyelash Extensions Damage the Natural Eyelash?

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Prospective clients sometimes come to the salon asking about the effect of extensions on their natural lashes after an unhappy experience at another salon.

We always stress to them that professionally applied lashes do not harm them and eyelash extensions can be worn long-term providing the aftercare guidance is followed.

For example, one of the problems we have encountered is that the lashes feel heavy and are twisting.

This is usually due to the fact that their previous lash artist had applied excess glue and chosen extensions that were too long and the wrong diameter.

Each client is different and we ensure after removal of the current lashes - if necessary at that point - a full consultation will clarify what we will be doing either by explaining how we will deal with the damage (which generally will be rectified over time) and how we will provide a style to enhance the eyes with the correct weight, length, and curl.

And finally, if, together with our client we opt for our Russian Volume technique we make certain they will not 'scream fake lashes'. Basically, we will ensure the client loves them!

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