Gain Confidence with Our Eyelash Extension Courses

“Gain more skills and knowledge related to your field. You'll feel more confident as you learn more.”

We really believe in this quote that we saw recently. LashandBrowpro has grown based on continuous learning. From how to set up a website to EU regulations and so much more.

One of the most important things that we realized during this time was that we could impart knowledge about our passion for eyelash extensions. Many questions were being asked of us through social media and via our monthly communication NewsfLASH. We answered these LASHQs individually but from now on we’ll be posting such topics as:

  • how to apply individual lashes 
  • applying false eyelashes 
  • how to remove individual lashes 
  • how long do individual lashes last 
  • how to remove lash extensions 
  • are eyelash extensions safe

Our Eyelash Training Courses are held in  Berkshire.

We work closely with Accredited Beauty Therapists (ABT) who have accredited our eyelash extensions training courses. Therefore, with confidence, you can gain your qualifications, recognition of your skills and, not to be forgotten, set up a beauty industry insurance policy.

By undertaking your learning personally, understanding the day job and the lashing business inside and out, we feel it’s really worth contacting us to discuss what you would like to be able to do in your lashing career.

More information can be found by viewing our training courses page.


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