Training Terms and Conditions

All Lash&Browpro Training Courses are fully accredited by Associated Beauty Therapists Insurance Please note that you must be 18 years or over to attend any of our courses. SKILL LEVELS: If you are unsure as to your skill requirements for a course, please phone us so we can help ascertain your level of experience before booking. We rely on students being able to self-assess their own skill level and are happy to assist with this but cannot be held liable if you book a course much higher or lower than your actual skill level. Please call us if you are in doubt. BOOKING YOUR COURSE: Clients will be required to secure their place on the training course with full payment at time of booking. Payments can be made via our on-line shop. CANCELLATION POLICY: In the event that you cannot make your training course please advise us as soon as possible. If it is within the 3 week notice period we will give you an alternative date. If it is under 3 weeks your booking fee becomes non-transferable & non-refundable. In the event of cancellation by Lash&Browpro due to unforeseen circumstances courses will be rescheduled. WHAT'S INCLUDED: Please see appropriate course details for further information. Case Studies • To receive your certificate case studies must be submitted within 3 months of your initial training (extension of this date under certain circumstances will be under our discretion and a new deadline will be agreed with you and The Lash & Brow Company. Please note this will only be allowed once). • You will be required to submit 5 case studies (your model on the day of your training can be submitted as part of your case studies) • Each case study must be carried out on a different model. This will help build your confidence in styling various types of natural lashes and will enable us to give you feedback on any difficulties you may encounter whilst working with different natural lashes • Please only use the lashes provided in your kit (0.12 and 0.15mm) for your case studies. Please do not use any lashes that are any thicker as these will be rejected, and you will be asked to submit further case studies • Do not extend the natural lashes by any more than 3mm • When submitting your case studies please ensure you have the following information on the client consultation form: o Your name o Date o Course o Clients name & details o Case Study Number (i.e. 1, 2,3,4 or 5) o Thickness and curl of lash extension used o Approximate longest length of natural lash o Lash Density, direction of growth o Lash styling/mapping used o Clear photographs of before & after (this will have been discussed on the day of your training) o Overall summary detailing what went well and if any or what difficulties you experienced when carrying out the treatment • Case studies are to be submitted separately as you complete them via email to • Submitting your case study as you complete them will enable us to give you feedback which you can apply to your next set enabling you to improve and gain confidence COPYRIGHT AND ACCEPTABLE USAGE: Full copyright of training course content is retained by the Lash & Brow Company. Course notes and reference materials are provided to support students in their studies and ongoing development and is issued for personal use only. A lot of work has gone into the development of our course content and it has commercial value. The sharing of course materials by print, press, photocopy, email, blogs, internet or any digital transfer medium is strictly prohibited without the express written permission of the Lash&Browpro. If in doubt, please ask about what is and isn't acceptable usage.