Eyelash Mentoring

Want to get the best out of your eyelash adhesive or do you feel your initial eyelash training did not cover certain topics or maybe you are returning to the world of eye lashes? We can help with a specific issue or skills and create a safe environment for you to work beyond your comfort zone. Refresh and develop your skills in areas that you may be struggling with.

You provide us with an outline of topics you want to cover and we will personalise the session for you. Just some of the topics we can help with:

  • Working with layers
  • Downward facing lashes 
  • Eyelash Styling 
  • Working efficiently and maximising your lashing time
  • Eyelash Adhesive & optimum working environment

In order for you to maximise your eyelash mentoring session, we will require a list of topics that you wish to cover so we are able to personalise the session for you. We will require these 10 days before your course date. To check available dates or ask further questions please send us an email