Eyelash Extensions Maidenhead

At The Lash & Brow Company we specialise in semi-permanent eyelash extensions, one of the most transforming treatments available, we are fully qualified and highly experienced in Classic eyelash extensions and the latest Russian Volume techniques. We use the best silk or faux mink eyelash extensions which should feel lightweight and just like your own lashes.

The natural lash growth cycle is approximately 90 days and your eyelash extensions can last for the duration.  However, your lashes are continually growing and shedding every day and you will lose between 3-5 natural eyelashes per day, and with your natural lash you will see the extension shedding.   Therefore, to keep your lashes looking full we recommend that you have them infilled every 2-3 weeks.

Just imagine never having to wear mascara again and waking up with gorgeous looking lashes every morning. We want to share our love of Lash Artistry with you...

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