Do I Need An Eyelash Extension Patch Test?

It is important that every client is given a pre-appointment consultation to test everything that you will be using during the treatment otherwise you will not be covered by your insurance. We believe that two tests should be carried out and performed 48 hours prior to any treatment. Also, the manufacturer's guidelines should always be followed.  Never carry out the treatment if your client declines a patch test. The date and outcome must always be recorded and a signature must be provided giving consent to the treatment. Finally, confirm the appointment.

At the eyelash consultation, you can also discuss what happens during the eyelash extensions appointment and what your client would need to do before and after.  You can save time by asking the client about the look that they want and size up the lashes.

The adhesive used for semi-permanent eyelash extensions should not come into contact with the skin which means skin sensitivity testing should not be necessary, However, accidental contact may be made with the skin and some clients may be sensitive to the lash adhesive.

In some cases, an allergic reaction is produced immediately on contact, whilst other clients may become allergic later. At the same time, some clients may experience an allergic reaction to the fumes of the adhesive.

Therefore it is recommended that two sensitivity tests are carried out:

The skin sensitivity test should be given on either the skin inside the elbow or behind the ear.

The second test should be done by applying approximately 10 shorter and finer eyelash extensions throughout the lash line so they blend into the clients' natural lashes. A positive skin test will result in irritation, swelling or inflammation.

A negative test will produce no irritation, therefore the treatment can be carried out.





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