Questions To Ask Your Eyelash Extension Training Co

Questions To Ask Your Eyelash Extension Training Co

Who trains the trainer?

Who provides guidance and support?

Who’ll be my mentor?

So many questions - but here are some things to think about…

It’s so important to know if the training sessions on which you intend to register are accredited. This will give you the assurance that the training school is adhering to the standards expected and is maintaining the distinction needed to retain the endorsement. To find out whether the authorization is currently valid or not, check on the website of the accrediting body.

The course outline should indicate each aspect of the training - a step by step guide. This should give you the confidence that you’ll gain a thorough, practical understanding.

The quality of training depends on the reputation of your trainer. Select a highly skilled lash artist who will be able to impart the relevant knowledge and experience and know the nuances of training - the techniques, the tips, the trends.

A successful trainer will not only teach the technical skills but will inject passion and enthusiasm by showing what is achievable, by providing opportunities to learn advanced techniques, discover new products and offer further support and guidance.

You should leave your training course with your personalized, accredited certificate in your hand and a great feeling of achievement because you’re now on your way to becoming a great lash artist.



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