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Why Choose Lash & Brow Plex Sculpting?
Lash & Brow Plex is a 3 Step System Lash Lift & Brow Lamination using the safest high-quality products to give fuller looking lashes and perfect fuller brows. These products are not tested on animals and are for professional use only. The maximum time for each step is 5 minutes allowing for Lash & Brow Plex being a fast and effective treatment


How does Lash & Brow Plex Sculpting Work?
The hair has 3 layers consisting of the medulla, the cortex, and the cuticle which are all made up of keratin which is a protein and in the hair, these are 'chains' that are held together by physical and chemical bonds.

Disulfide Bonds are the strongest bonds and when we carry out a lash lift or a brow lamination treatment we are changing the bonds through a chemical reaction called reduction:

Lash & Brow Plex Prep 01 Lotion lifts and opens the cuticle to enter the cortex and break the disulfide bonds.

Lash & Brow Plex Fixing 02 Lotion creates a chemical process that removes the hydrogen atoms and reforms the disulfide bonds is called “oxidation”. This is what reforms the bonds into their new shape (curl) on the silicon shield.

Step 01 - PREP Lash & Brow Plex Nourishing formula penetrates each lash/brow hair to balance and create a neutral pH of the hair. With a neutral balance of the hair to be treated our nourishing step 1 will effectively, open and soften the natural hair in preparation for the treatment to fully penetrate and give outstanding results. 


Step 02 - Fix Lash & Brow Plex Fixing lotion. Used to attach the natural lashes to the shield/fixing lotion for brow lamination to fix the lash/brow hair into place. Oxidation will take place at this step and the lash/brow hair will hold its shape and direction.


Step 03 - Nourish Lash & Brow Plex keratin sealing moisturizing and conditioning serum to nourish and keep the clients lashes and brows in position. To be kept on for a minimum of 12 hours ensuring thicker, smoother and shiner lash/brow hair.




Step 01 PREP INGREDIENTS: Water, Ammonia, Thioglycolic Acid, 2-Aminoethanol, D-Glucopyanose, C16-18-alkyl Glycosides, Alcohols, C12-14, Ethoxylated, Sulfates, Sodium Salts, AlphaDimethylphenethyl Alcohol, Aqueous Solution.


Step 02 FIX INGREDIENTS: Water, Disodium Tin Hexahydr -oxide, Hydrogen Peroxide Solution, D-Glucopyanose, C16-18-alkyl Glycosides, Disodium Hydrogen Phosphate Dodecahydrate, AlphaDimethylphenethyl Alcohol.


Step 03 Nourish Lash & Brow Plex INGREDIENTS: Aqua, Keratin, Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Sunflower Oil, Chrysanthellum Indicum Extract, Sophora Flavescens Root Extract, Potassium Hydrogren Phosphate, Triethanolamie



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