Advance Eyelash Training Course

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Are you qualified for lash extensions but want to take it further and improve your skills by offering your clients a unique, bespoke treatment? We will teach you the skills and techniques to achieve this without compromising your clients’ natural lashes, and with regular maintenance appointments, your clients can enjoy healthy lashes every day. By learning advanced lash techniques, you will stand out from your competition and produce a perfect set of lashes time after time. ABT accredits this training course, and tutoring will be at our premises. The art of semi-permanent is an ongoing process; this course is for those who are committed and have the drive to succeed in this lucrative business. Upon completion of our training course, you will receive a certificate of attendance. C

CONTENTS OF THE COURSE Key points in the application of eyelash extensions and maintenance Correctional eyelash extension application, understanding eye shapes, Eyelash styling Advanced eyelash texturing. HOW LONG IS THE COURSE? 1 Day 10am - 5pm All skills and techniques can be carried out on a mannequin head, however, if you wish to work on a model, then please contact us as all models must be patch-tested.

The course is 1 to 1 enabling you to receive personal tuition from our trainer. The art of semi-permanent eyelash extensions is an ongoing process and our course is designed for those who are committed and have the drive to succeed in this lucrative business.
Contents of the course
Eyelash styling
Bone structure
Determining eye shapes
Eyelash Mapping & styling
Creating Uniformed sets
Working with Layers/Creating the Perfect Lash Line
Custom Lash Styling/Mixing Curls
Correctional Eyelash Application
    How long is the course? 1 Day 10am - 4.30pm
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