What is a Henna Eyebrow Tint?

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Henna (also known as Mehndi) is a plant-derived natural organic pigment that has been used for centuries as body art and hair dye. Today Henna is being used to tint eyebrows - it stains the skin and dyes the brow hairs - it is a quick and effective replacement to the daily application of eyebrow makeup to give a defined look to eyebrows ALL day long!
How long do Henna Brows last?
Henna lasts anywhere between one to four weeks.  It all depends on a few factors - the amount of eyebrow hair, skin type, body part, and lifestyle. It is perfect for those who have a minimalist routine but want great looking eyebrows.
I have Sparse brows can Henna Brows work for me?
What is Henna Made from?
Henna is a natural plant pigment that comes from a flowering tree called Lawsonia Inermis - a native plant from Southern Asia, Northern Africa, and Australia. The flowers are dried, then ground into a fine powder which is used to dye hair, stain skin, dye silk and in many cultures used as a decorative skin dye for hands and feet during celebrations and to heal skin.
Is Henna Safe?

Natural henna/brown henna is safe.  Henna can be mixed with other natural hair dyes to produce lighter or darker shades - combined with "Cassia Obovata" to create lighter shades, or with indigo resulting in various shades of brown and black tones. Natural Henna is perfect for sensitive skin types with zero pain and downtime. Some Henna also contains the chemical Para-phenylenediamine PPD and we recommend a patch test is carried out before having henna or any other tint applied to your skin

What is Black Henna?
 "Black Henna" (also known as “Khali Mendhi.”) is not from the Lawsonia Inermis plant (henna plant) but is, in fact, the chemical para-phenylenediamine (PPD). 
What is para-phenylenediamine  PPD ?
 PPD also know as p-phenylenediamine, para-phenylenediamine, 4-aminoaniline; 1,4-benzenediamine; p-diaminobenzene; 1,4-diaminobenzene; 1,4-phenylene diamine. It is a chemical compound and used in black permanent dyes which can severe reactions in some clients.  However, the use of PPD is strictly regulated by the cosmetics safety legislation and products by law are required to carry label warnings and usage instructions.  
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